Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Adventures in sewing

I am having fun thinking of decorations for the baby's room because I can do little cutesy, fun things. When else can you decorate with pictures of pink animals, really?

I got some really cute art from Etsy from a shop called Audrey and Gem.  I have been loving watercolors. AND! She made the dachshund especially for me, how awesome is that?! I guess a dachshund doesn't really fit in with a hippo and moose....but who cares! It's so cute.


I love all these cute little pennant banners all over pinterest and wanted to make one for a while, but never really had a reason. They aren't really "adult" enough for general decor, so I thought one would be perfect for baby's room!

I visited Joann's and got some cute complimentary fabrics (in pink, of course!) This is another thing about becoming a mom- finally a reason to buy cute kids fabrics!

I wish I busted out my sewing machine more often. I really enjoy sewing, but I have no permanent place for my machine, so I get lazy about using it.

I decided I wanted the banner to be double sided. Most tutorials I saw online were just for one sided flags, where one side was the fabric, and the other was just the back (like below), if that makes sense.

So I made a cardboard pattern and cut out two layers for each flag by folding the fabric over.

Then I put the two pieces together, wrong sides out, and sewed with about a half inch seam allowance. I was a little worried about them being sort of "puffy" from the seams when I turned them right side out, but a little trimming and ironing did the trick to make them flat.

Finally, I sewed them all into some bias tape and there you have it! Can't wait to hang it! 


  1. Those watercolors are adorable! And I love the pink chevron fabric. I made a paper pennant banner for my SIL's baby shower, and connected the triangles with ribbon. I can't sew, so design and print is how I roll.

  2. I agree with Elisa, the watercolors are so lovely.